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Special Needs Dentistry


Our practice is happily prepared to meet the unique and varying needs of children needing further accommodations. In fact, Dr. Karen’s pediatric dental training was heavily focused on meeting childrens' specific needs, be it congenital or developmental concerns, including struggling with anxiety toward dentistry, Dr. Karen's compassion and highly skilled dental knowledge help her provide optimal care for your littles. Dr. Karen’s practice is organized to make the reality of conservative dental treatment achievable and attainable for your kids. 


Our office is designed for kids needing a few additional steps for accommodating sensory sensitivities. Ask us for our fidget toys, weighted blankets and stuffies or headphones to make your kiddos feel safe and sheltered! Watching our video allows children to meet Dr. Karen well ahead of the game! Our ample number of toys and reward system are there to provide positive reinforcement for steps taken by your child. Dr. Karen has honed her clinical skills in an array of non-invasive interim management techniques to allow for patients to grow into their ability to tolerate dental treatment without allowing the continued, unattended growth of cavities. Many of these methods are elaborated upon below.


On occasion, the dental needs of children with special needs are a bit more extensive and the option of oral conscious sedation or IV sedation may be suggested as an optimal plan in achieving treatment needs. Here at CCPD, we understand each child is unique in their emotions towards a dental visit and we respect their abilities and want to provide the best outcomes for a happy and fulfilling dental experience.

If you have any questions about special needs dentistry please contact our team.

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