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MILD Oral Conscious Sedation

For some children with greater anxiety or younger, pre-cooperative ages, nitrous oxide is not sufficient to provide safe dental treatment. In these circumstances, a MILD oral sedative would be discussed. The sedative medication selection is based on a child’s dental needs.


Our office was carefully designed for safety during nitrous oxide and mild conscious sedations. We are a licensed site for the administration of an oral sedative by the Maryland Dental Board. This means that our office has been inspected and we have a separate permit to administer sedative medications. 

We continuously attend education lectures specific to conscious sedation and Pediatric Advanced Life Support/Basic Life Support (PALS/BLS).


What to consider and expect during mild sedation in the office:

  1. A consultation is mandatory. Please provide a comprehensive medical history including:

    1. Name and contact information for your child’s pediatrician and other specialists

    2. Cardiac, respiratory, organ function, and metabolic concerns

    3. Medications

    4. Ongoing medical evaluations

    5. Allergies to food and/or medicine

  2. Extensive coordination between our office administrator, the child’s pediatrician (and any other specialists), as well as your insurance company (DENTAL & MEDICAL).

  3. Compliance with a History & Physical performed by the child’s pediatrician WITHIN 30 DAYS.

  4. Our office must be able to communicate with you 48 hours prior to the appointment. If we are unable to communicate, your appointment may be canceled.

  5. A LEGAL GUARDIAN must be present on the day of the appointment. They are not allowed to leave the office for any reason until their child is discharged. 

  6. Dress your child in a short-sleeve shirt for ease of access and to avoid over-heating. Some medications cause diaphoresis (sweating).

  7. Compliance with dietary restrictions — NO FOOD OR DRINK FOR 8 HOURS PRIOR. Failure to meet this results in cancellation.

  8. Medications are flavored for patient satisfaction. Administration may require a parent’s help with the dentist.

  9. There are varying waiting times based on the medication selected.

  10. ONLY 1 LEGAL GUARDIAN IS ALLOWED IN THE ROOM for safety. (This is subject to change based on the child's and parents' behavior). We must be judicious in order to optimize results when a sedative is elected and ingested.

  11. They will be monitored for respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and with a precordial stethoscope.

  12. It is coupled with nitrous oxide, the titratable component of sedation.

  13. They are groggy but arousable and we will continuously be engaging them in comfort and depth assessment.

  14. Your child is provided with a selection of juice, popsicles, or pudding and must meet the criteria for discharge prior to being dismissed from the office.

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