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Appointment Policies

We ask our families to arrive 10 minutes prior to their dental visits to tie up any loose ends, finalize paperwork and start your child promptly. If you are running behind, please contact our office so we may determine if your appointment time needs to be rescheduled. It is in the best interest of your child and our other patients that all appointment times be met promptly.

Much consideration is taken when scheduling your child’s appointment. If you require a change to your appointment, please provide us 48 hours notice.


What Happens When We're Running Behind?


If we are running behind, we will inform you of these delays, as we also are respectful of your time. This may sometimes occur if we have an emergency appointment or if a child is having a difficult time during an exam or procedure. We strive to make each child feel comfortable and focus on their individual needs, so we appreciate your understanding so we can provide them the attention they need.  

What Happens if You're Running Behind?


Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry does reserve the right to reschedule appointments for late arrivals. Improper cancellations may result in a charge, depending on the appointment time given. In rare circumstances of repeated issues, we may be unable to schedule future appointments. 

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Insurance, Treatment Plan Consent & Payment for Services

At the end of an exam, we will present you with a Treatment Plan.  This is a plan and the estimate of cost for the procedures determined by Dr. Karen as necessary to restore your child to optimal dental health. This plan outlines what services are needed, the order of their importance and the tooth number and surface each procedure needs to be performed on.  It will also outline the fees associated with these treatments and your insurance coverage, if applicable.  Any mention of insurance coverage is always an estimation and never a final guaranteed determination. Insurance is only an estimate; ultimately the insurance policy holder is responsible for treatment costs not covered by insurance. Changes/additions to the proposed treatment plan may arise while treatment is being rendered due to conditions clinically determined during treatment, not foreseen within the exam or x-rays. The order of treatment may change if your child is experiencing pain. Please advise us of such.


We recommend that you keep this document for planning your future appointments.  It will help you keep track of what has been completed and what might be due for payment at any given phase. Keep in mind that any extended delay in the proposed treatment plan may change the needs from what was previously recommended and reflected on the treatment plan. We are always available to answer any questions about your care and the items detailed on your treatment plan. Feel free to reach out to us!

School Forms

We are more than happy to provide these as a courtesy to your family. Our preference is to have them prepared and completed in the time of the exam, time permitting. We do understand that requests come at a later date. We maintain both Montgomery County and DC forms on file for quick access. A friendly email request can be sent for us to send this form to you! We ask for 1 week to provide this service as we are steadily busy and utilize one day to tidy any administrative needs. We thank you for your patience.

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Weather Policies 

We follow Montgomery County snow day policies for the most part. We will make a note of closure on our Instagram and Facebook pages to be managed in real time. Our concerns are the increased potential for accidents coming to or from the office that can be prevented for both our patients and our staff. A safe travel plan is as important to us as is your dental experience! Keep posted on our social media accounts for such SNOW DAY CLOSURES—although not often.

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