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Meet Dr. Babak Razmazma

Board Certified
Dental Anesthesiologist

Dr. Babak graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He continued his studies at the Loma Linda Dental Anesthesiology program — a two-year post-doctoral certification program.


The combination of dental and medical experiences has provided Dr. Babak the breadth of knowledge necessary to safely administer a wide range of anesthesia techniques in the dental office setting.

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Our superhero dental anesthesiologist admittedly does sometimes rest from all his hard work helping our littles receive their optimal dental care. After successfully practicing dental anesthesia in California for eight years and safely treating thousands of patients, he and his wife decided to move to the Northern Virginia area. 

Dr. Babak enjoys his adventures throughout Northern Virginia with his wonderful wife and their two children. He enjoys the beauty and serenity of local wineries. When he is unable to make his way back home to visit California’s Napa Valley, he has his own escape within reach!

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