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Financial Information

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CCPD Insurance 061121.jpg
CCPD Insurance 061121.jpg

We Are In-Network With Many PPO Insurances

We realize that insurance is a complicated business. An insurance plan is between the policy holder and the insurance company, therefore it is best practice for all policy holders to be informed of the benefits within their plan.

Our practice participates with the following PPO insurance plans:

  • CIGNA*



We consistently audit existing in-network insurances for those that match our level of care. Keep in mind this may result in alterations to our in-network participation with various insurances for the wellness of our patients in receiving the comprehensive dental care they expect from our team!

*Please note that we are not in network with CIGNA ADVANTAGE.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

Our office will file an insurance claim and provide treatment estimates for services needed, however keep in mind this is only an estimate and varies per insurance company and group plan. The ultimate responsibility of understanding what is covered by the insurance company lies with the patient, as does the remaining balance due. 


In the circumstance of presenting without proper primary and/or secondary insurances, full payment for services rendered is due. Presenting without your dental insurance information requires that full payment for all services rendered be provided by the parent.

Our team works diligently to provide you with excellent dental care and communication of your insurance prior to your dental visit.

Should you have questions regarding your account, please contact our Office Manager at:

Office: (301) 272-1246 or


Patient Responsibility

Payment Expectations
We send statements and provide prompt payment links to our families for receipt of payment for services rendered. Please be advised that once an account reaches 90 days past due, it is delivered to the management team of a collection agency and no longer within our control. Please understand the consequences of this transfer of your account.

Due to the extended time dedicated by all members of our team, all nitrous and sedation appointments are reserved via full payment of nitrous or sedation fees - no exceptions. 


Schedule Changes
We understand changes occur in our daily schedules, however, our office dedicates much effort to the repeated confirmation reminders for upcoming appointments. Our practice reserves the right to not further delay other patients' appointments for tardiness exceeding 10 minutes. If you are running behind, please call us promptly as we may no longer be able to accommodate you. 


Late Cancellation Fees
Late cancellations (less than 48 hours), no-shows or tardiness for appointments result in a $50 per appointment fee, to be collected prior to any further appointments being granted--no exceptions. Our entire team coordinates to provide all patients proper and timely care while managing emergency needs of incoming patients. We all appreciate a mutually respectful relationship surrounding timeliness. 

CCPD Credit Card (1).png

Payment Options

​Credit Card Payment

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Flexible Spending Accounts

In some cases, employers offer pre-tax spending accounts referred to as Flex Spending Accounts or FSAs that you may use for medical expenses. Some patients are surprised to find that dental health costs are included as a medical expense. You may want to check with your employer to see if they offer Flex Spending options.


Cash Payment
Our office primarily manages all payment options through a debit or credit card option to avoid any confusion about payment. However, if this is your preferred method, we will provide a signed record in your family account for this payment method. 

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