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Meet Bianca Hassoun, DDS


Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Bianca was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. Upon completing her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2013, she made her way to the East Coast to attend Boston University School of Dentistry. Like Dr. Karen, having lived in the Midwest, she desired a change of environment and the opportunity to explore a diverse and robust environment! Upon completion of Dental School in 2017, Dr. Bianca moved to New York City to complete a one-year General Practice Residency at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. She completed her Pediatric Dental Residency at St Barnabas Hospital, in the Bronx, in 2020 before moving to the Washington, DC area to continue her journey. Her hospital-based Pediatric Dental training encompassed Preventive & Restorative Care, Behavior Guidance, Growth & Development, Trauma, and Sedation (Oral, IV and General). 


Dr. Bianca has completed Part One, the qualifying written boards exam, making her eligible to sit for her oral committee exam the following year. We are so proud of her because this was truly a challenging task under her given circumstances. Her last months as a resident were extraordinarily unique experiences. Like many medical professionals in the greater NYC area, Spring 2020 called upon them all as front-line providers for the rapid spread of the novel Covid-19 virus. The entire team of dentists and assistants was called upon to participate as additional hands during this crisis. Dr. Bianca was managing the emergent needs of the medical colleagues at the hospital, receiving patients suffering from this virus, while completing her requirements to graduate, including studying for the exam. This unique experience as a healthcare provider during the onset of the pandemic has complemented our existing Covid-19 office protocols. Dr. Bianca is excited to join Dr. Karen in implementing the latest research-supported best practices for our patients. Pediatric Dentistry has evolved tremendously and her practice philosophy is to provide conservative treatment options for our littles. 

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The addition of Dr. Bianca to our practice has been seamless. Our patients have all adored her, and with good reason. We are both grateful for our attending and friend, Dr. Yael Feldman, who having spent much time with both of us outside of residency knew we would be a kindred match — thank you! Experiencing the challenges of Covid-19 in managing my children’s loss of social interaction and in-person school, with two working parents, allowed me to accept my need for help. Dr. Bianca has been the practice's silver lining in this Covid life and we are both happy for our continued growth with our families!


When Dr. Bianca is not in superhero attire here at Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, sports, purveying foodie hot spots, and spending time with her husband, Dr. Abdul, completing his Fellowship in Critical Care as an Emergency Physician. They are blissfully happy at the start of this new chapter of their lives and we could not be happier to welcome their family into ours. It has been a pleasure introducing Dr. Bianca to our beloved families!

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